Board of Directors & Chairs

Families Exploring Down Syndrome functions through the tireless efforts of our volunteer board and chairpeople.

Photo of Bethany McLain Bethany McLain
Board President

Photo of Becky Saha Becky Saha
Board Vice President/Treasurer

Photo of Kimberlee Davidson Kimberlee Davidson
Board Secretary

Photo of Stacey Ceballos Stacey Ceballos
Board Member/New Parent Packets

Photo of Shanyn Riehle Shanyn Riehle
Board Member/Social Media

Photo of Melissa Bery Melissa Bery
Board Member/Walk Auctions

Photo of Neil Saha Neil Saha
Weekly Email Blasts

Photo of Kristen Karr Kristen Karr
Medical Outreach

Photo of Emily Menczywor Emily Menczywor
Holiday Party Chair

Photo of Joyce Dearhamer Joyce Dearhamer
Activity Chair

Photo of Donovan Myers Donovan Myers
Website Administrator