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Academy of Dreams

Academy of Dreams is a school for adults, over the age of 18, with special needs. Our purpose is to provide continued functional education, daily living skills and job skill training beyond the age of 26. Our students' educational and work skills will assist and inspire this community well into the future.

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Team GUTS Logo

Team GUTS™ is committed to improving the health, fitness and overall well-being of those in our community with special needs and disabilities. We are doing this by offering various adaptive fitness programs in a fun and recreational setting. All Team GUTS™ program sessions include eight (8) classes.

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Woodside Bible Special Needs Ministry

It is the desire of the Special Needs Ministry to minister to everyone affected by disability, including families and caregivers. We have programs, classes and events that are designed to make our participants feel valued and welcomed as they grow in their knowledge and faith in Christ. Click on a campus (to the right) and find out which special needs ministries are available.

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